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Discover fixed-rate returns with the Propiteer Capital Property Bond

Enjoy returns up to 12% pa
with the Propiteer Capital Bond.

Investing in fixed rate bonds is a time-proven way to grow your money, giving you assurance where you need it most. 

Colin Sandy

Founder Propiteer Limited and advisor to Lord Alan Sugar
Colin Sandy

The Propiteer Capital Property Bond

Investing in the Propiteer Capital Property Bond gives our investors exposure to three core asset classes that would normally only be available to commercial investors. These include trading residential assets, developing and trading branded hotels, and high-value built-to-sell developments.

  1. Residential Properties

    Residential Properties are completely buy-to-let quality living units in popular locations and transient cities.

    • Popular locations in transient cities.
    • Purpose-built quality living units.
    • Acquisition based on rental income.
    • Recession resillient asset class.
    • UK and Ireland.
    More on Residential Properties
  2. Branded Hotels

    The Branded Hotels asset class benefits from trading and development assets in robust locations, working in partnership with the Hilton and Marriott brands.

    • High-demand locations.
    • Secure regional exclusivity.
    • Ultra-efficient operating models.
    • 'Focussed service' hotel portfolio.
    • UK and Ireland.
    More on Branded Hotels
  3. Development Properties

    The Development properties model is design to release development profits at the point of completion.

    • Built-to-sell model.
    • UK's most robust locations.
    • High-end residential developments.
    • Government contracts.
    • 90% UK and Ireland. 10% global.
    More on Development Properties

Grow your money with UK and Irish Property Developments

Propiteer Capital PLC
Property Bond
   For investments
over £100,000
Monthly Return
Paid monthly
6.0% pa 8.0% pa
Minimum Term 12 months 24 months
Paid annually
8.0% pa 10.0% pa
Minimum Term 12 months 24 months
Fixed Term
Interest paid every 24 months
10.0% pa 12.0% pa
Minimum Term 24 months 24 months
Exit Notice Period 90 days 90 days
Security Secured charge against assets Secured charge against assets

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Why Propiteer Capital PLC?

Propiteer Capital PLC gives you the opportunity to easily grow your money by investing in our unique portfolio of desirable, asset-backed projects.

Asset-backed returns

We secure your funds against asset-backed projects, providing security against your investment.

Invest in a diverse portfolio

Your funds are spread across our diverse property development portfolio with a gross development value of over £785m

Easily plan your finances

Flexible options enable you to choose the type of asset your investment goes in and how often you receive your profit.

What makes our
fixed-rate bond different?

It’s no secret that interest rates don’t always remain steady. Rates promised today may decline and not be available in the future.

The Propiteer Capital fixed-rate property bond enables you to continue with your chosen fixed rate on a rolling monthly basis, so you remain in control.

If our rates improve, you can switch over with no penalty. If our rates decline or aren’t available, you can sit secure with your existing fixed rate.

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Propiteer Ltd & Propiteer Capital PLC Key Facts

Track record of returns
Propiteer & Propiteer Capital PLC returns
Gross development value expected on current developments
Total number of current projects being managed by Propiteer Limited
Propiteer create private investor platform
Propiteer Capital created to take over the financing of Propiteer Ltd projects
Propiteer Capital PLC approved as a Shariah Compliant Bond

Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated. There is no guarantee that the gross development values and forecast profits will be achieved. The above figures are based on the following assumptions: (1) that property valuations when the projects complete will be the same as the date of this Brochure (2) construction costs and tax rates will not increase materially.

Why invest in bonds?

A diversified bond portfolio can provide reliable yields with less volatility than equities, and higher incomes than savings accounts.

As an investor, you can use fixed-rate, fixed-term bonds to your advantage, knowing how much and when your returns are due.

Due to their higher rates of return, bonds are a simple way to grow your money faster.

Propiteer Capital Property Bond

The Propiteer Capital fixed-rate property bond is also a 'listed bond'. This means it's 'listed' and can be traded on leading pan-European authorised stock exchanges in London, Vienna, and Frankfurt.

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The Propiteer Capital process

Our process is simple and transparent.

Your investment in the Propiteer Capital Property Bond is asset-backed, with security normally taken against land or company shares.

Each application to borrow funds goes through a rigorous approval process overseen by Propiteer Collateral Managers Limited. The Independent Credit Committee applies in-depth analysis and risk assessments prior to agreeing the release of funds.

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Propiteer Capital Bond Security

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