Branded Hotels Asset Class

Branded Hotels

The Propiteer Capital Property Bond is made up of three core asset classes. These include Residential Properties, Branded Hotels, and Development Properties. The Propiteer Capital Property Bond allows you to easily grow your money with fixed-rate returns with the advantage of easy diversification opportunities. All of our investments are backed by a range of profitable properties in a variety of nationwide locations, all of which are cherry-picked to ensure attractive prospective returns.

Our Branded Hotels security is a trading and development asset activity that is occupancy-driven from the established and market-leading Hilton and Marriott International booking engines.

We finance high-quality branded hotels in desirable areas using robust market data, and the brands’ 7 ‘focused service’ sub-brands enable us to target each geographic region, providing Hilton and Marriott with up to 20 years of regional exclusivity. Additionally, with our ultra-efficient ‘focused service’ operating models, we’re able to dominate the market and generate higher profits.


Grow your money with UK and Irish Property Developments

Propiteer Capital PLC
Property Bond
   For investments
over £100,000
Monthly Return
Paid monthly
6.0% pa 8.0% pa
Minimum Term 12 months 24 months
Paid annually
8.0% pa 10.0% pa
Minimum Term 12 months 24 months
Fixed Term
Interest paid every 24 months
10.0% pa 12.0% pa
Minimum Term 24 months 24 months
Exit Notice Period 90 days 90 days
Security Secured charge against assets Secured charge against assets

An award-winning Hotel Management Team

Through the excellent brand partnerships over the years, we are proud to have been awarded and recognised for the below achievements:

Example of Excellence

Recognised 6 times at Hilton Worldwide Conference

7 Years Running

Leading ‘Outstanding’ ratings in Hilton Quality Audits for UK

‘Best of the Best’

Global accreditation by Hilton Worldwide for exceptional standards

‘Hamptonality’ Winner

Winner of global award from Hilton Worldwide for our team embodying the essence of the brand

Centre for Training Europe

European and UK Centre of Excellence training of Hilton Hotel Management

Top Quality Accolades

Ranked by, and Trip Advisor

Our Mission and Growth Model

  1. Deliver best-in-class hotel management
  2. Build a best-in-class ‘focused service’ hotel portfolio
  3. Secure regional exclusivity with each hotel

To achieve the above mission, we have developed a 3-point growth model, which provides us with flexible alternatives to securing territory and achieving brand exclusivity.

Buy Existing

  • Bought based on typical asset profit multiple
  • Comes with a track record of success
  • Immediately income-generating with regional exclusivity

Re-brand Existing

  • Bought based on typical asset profit multiple
  • Requires re-brand to Hilton or Marriott
  • Takes circa 12 months to open a re-branded hotel

Build New

  • Market data accurately predicts profits
  • Each hotel is state-of-the-art from day one
  • Takes circa 24-30 months to open a new hotel

For more information on our Residential Properties or the Propiteer Capital Property Bond, please contact our friendly team

Contact us here or call on 020 4522 8929.

The 3 asset classes in the Propiteer Capital Property Bond

Investing in the Propiteer Capital Property Bond allows you to take advantage and profit from high-end, commercial property development opportunities that include Residential Properties, Branded Hotels, and Development Properties. Our bond is set up to cater to any investment needs, including monthly or annual payments, with varying terms and exit notice periods, and fixed rates ranging between 6% and 10% p.a.

Investors who are looking to invest sums greater than £100k will have access to our preferential investor rates of up to 12% p.a.

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