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Development Properties Asset Class

Built-to-Sell Development Properties

The Propiteer Capital Property Bond is made up of three core asset classes. These include Residential Properties, Branded Hotels, and Development Properties. The Propiteer Capital Property Bond allows you to easily grow your money with fixed-rate returns with the advantage of easy diversification opportunities. All of our investments are backed by a range of profitable properties in a variety of nationwide locations, all of which are cherry-picked to ensure attractive prospective returns.

The Development Properties security is designed to generate revenue for our investors from a built-to-sell model and each project is completed and sold to release development profits. To do this, we target the UK’s most robust locations and high-end residential developments in the Home Counties and outskirts of London, which enables us to diversify by market sector as well as by economic region.


Grow your money with UK and Irish Property Developments

Propiteer Capital PLC
Property Bond
   For investments
over £100,000
Monthly Return
Paid monthly
6.0% pa 8.0% pa
Minimum Term 12 months 24 months
Paid annually
8.0% pa 10.0% pa
Minimum Term 12 months 24 months
Fixed Term
Interest paid every 24 months
10.0% pa 12.0% pa
Minimum Term 24 months 24 months
Exit Notice Period 90 days 90 days
Security Secured charge against assets Secured charge against assets

Project example


Our flagship project realises a bold vision for Dublin with over 1,800 modern apartments, making it the biggest private rental scheme in Ireland. It enhances the entire area and includes parks, retails outlets and leisure and childcare facilities.

Dublin has the fastest-growing economy in Europe with a 13.7% increase in GDP. Its housing shortage is considered the single most important issue facing the country, which this project helps to tackle.

Development type
Town Centre Redevelopment
Asset type
Private Rental Scheme
Gross development value
Projected profit

Example project

Abbots Gate

31 apartments and 35 modern townhouses are planned to meet the growing demand in this bustling Suffolk commuter town. Direct transports links to London, Cambridge, Peterborough and Ipswich make this an ideal location for first-time buyers and established professionals alike.

Bury St Edmunds had the highest house price rises in the UK in 2020-21. Phase 1 of house sales starts December 2022.

Development type
Asset type
Town centre homes
Gross development value
Projected profit

Example project

Brizes Park

A magnificent Georgian listed mansion situated in a desirable commuter belt with excellent transport links, sitting within 73 acres of woodland. The main house is being renovated into apartments with external buildings developed into residential units.

Brentwood is a regular in ‘most desirable places to live’ lists, and phase 1 of house sales has now opened.

Development type
Asset type
Exclusive homes
Gross development value
Projected profit

For more information on our Residential Properties or the Propiteer Capital Property Bond, please contact our friendly team

Contact us here or call on 01376 319 000.

The 3 asset classes in the Propiteer Capital Property Bond

Investing in the Propiteer Capital Property Bond allows you to take advantage and profit from high-end, commercial property development opportunities that include Residential Properties, Branded Hotels, and Development Properties. Our bond is set up to cater to any investment needs, including monthly or annual payments, with varying terms and exit notice periods, and fixed rates ranging between 6% and 10% p.a.

Investors who are looking to invest sums greater than £100k will have access to our preferential investor rates of up to 12% p.a.

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